Discover My Body (2020)

    In Discover My Body the player assists an enthusiastic test subject in a horrific bodily transformation. Each phase of the transformation begins with the subject's body obscured by black tiles. As the player traverses the body via point-and-click movement, the tiles disappear and the body is revealed. The player can hit a button to scan the body so that they might find an "info point" to click on. Once clicked, the subject will go into detail about that particular part of their body. As more info points are discovered, the subject's bodily transformation becomes more apparent.

The game's graphics were a mix of drawn over images that were reduced in resolution and then color indexed and pixel art I did myself. Both of these processes were done in Aseprite.
I made Discover My Body over the course of a weekend (in great haste) using Gamemaker Studio 2. The primary gameplay mechanic, revealing an image by clicking over it, was inspired by the 1995 Mac game "Discover The World II" by Entrex Software Inc., a game I would often play with a friend at their home when we were kids. The game's title, of course, also inspired the name of Discover My Body.

In my original ideation of the game, the subject was to rapidly age in front of the player/viewer and give commentary on their decaying body even beyond the point where they were dead and rotting. At some point this idea became less abstract and more based in science-fiction type body hacking and bio-engineering.